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Goal for build automation

Domino and XPages currently fall behind in build process automation (build automatically option in Domino Designer is really not what build automation means). Since 9.0.1 brings technology preview of a headless designer, I'll try to create a proof of concept for an end to end automated build.  I've tried to do some parts of it individually in past, but now it might fit all together. Path should be: 1. Edit application in NSF in Domino Designer / or / Edit source code using other tools (1a) Run some local tests 2. Check-in source code into Git repository 3. Trigger checkout from repository automatically 4. Build NSF and move it to test server 5. Run test - some itegration test and some UI test using TestNG and Selenium 6. Get nice report that I didn't break anyting in step 1 It seems like a lot of work, but once you get such framework in place is should be quite easy to use for other projects. And also all modern frameworks are going in this direction, so it sh

How to get Domino database from on disk project to server in a batch file

Originally posted in Sutol Connections Martin Jinoch wrote  an article about parameters required for headless designer I did some experiments how to get the db to a server. Here are first thoughts. I'Il probably write more later.   I had to create 2 components: 1. Batch file to run it 2. NSF db that does notes operations 1. In batch file biggest issue was to find when the job is done, since it creates separate processes. Google offered some advices, so I ended up using pslist from pstools and sleep command found somewhere else. Here is the file designer.exe -RPARAMS -console -vmargs"true,true,trtest.nsf,importandbuild,C:\Git\Teamroom\TR\.project,trtest.nsf" @echo off :LOOP C:\pstools\PSLIST notes2 >nul 2>&1 IF ERRORLEVEL 1 (   GOTO CONTINUE ) ELSE (   ECHO designer is still running   C:\sleep\SLEEP 5 /quiet   GOTO LOOP ) :CONTINUE echo "launch client to copy" n
My previous blog had just 2 posts about itself. It was 2007 and since then just didn't feel the urge to blog, or I found some other methods of sharing information. Last autumn I left company I started with my colleagues, so things changed a bit and now I might have more ideas and information in general to share.