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Getting started with Domino AppDev Pack Java API - Part 2

In my previous post I've shown how to quickly start coding with Domino AppDev Pack Java API. I used an insecure connection to avoid dealing with certificates, now it's time to fix this. If you are testing the new Java API, which is marked as a preview, you probably enjoy living on the edge and may also have a V12 EAP Domino server somewhere. This may help us see how the future may look. Domino AppDev Pack series: 1.  First Java API 2. Certificates (this) 3. Kotlin REST API The AppDev Pack distribution contains sample files that generate ca, certificates and kyr file using openssl, but this is a one-time operation that is pretty hard to repeat or even use in production. If you want to use this in production, you should use a proper certificate authority. Last week Daniel Nashed posted info about nice enhancements coming to V12 that can help us here Domino V12 ACME for company CAs using smallstep  and  Easy kyr file creation with Early Access V12 in production . smallstep ca ste

Getting started with Domino AppDev Pack Java API - Part 1

 The newest Domino AppDev Pack release 1.0.6 added support for Java API. In past, we've seen many projects that tried to decouple Java APIs from Domino server, but except for the built-in DIIOP, all were community-driven and required some sort of bridge or fake Domino binaries package. This time we're getting brand new, officially supported API.  Domino AppDev Pack series: 1. First Java API (this) 2. Certificates 3.  Kotlin REST API I've never worked with Node.js based domino-db module, but I've seen several demos and I was well aware of the architecture. Even with all this knowledge, when I've checked the official documentation, I was pretty terrified. It looked like I need to be an experienced Domino admin, security specialist, and who knows what to just try to see how the new Java API. Luckily, if you just try to read between the lines, it's not that bad. HCL just documented the full pretty complex setup, which is not what you are looking for if you what to

HCL Domino SSO with Microsoft Teams

 Microsoft Teams is probably one of the most used tools this year, it was already quite popular before the pandemic started to spread across the world this spring, but now most of the businesses I work with use it. After using it just like a chat/conferencing tool, many start to explore further capabilities of the platform. When working with Domino data in apps that are web-enabled, it can be quite easy - just add a web tab anywhere you want. The problem is, that you need to deal with user authentication.