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Testing new Domino 12 transaction methods

 Domino V12 EAP contains new methods to manage code transactions. The underlying C API has been there for quite some time, but I've never really looked at it. Now it's finally official and you will be able to leverage these new features in your apps. The EAP program is currently only shipped as a Docker container, which makes the testing a bit hard - you don't have Domino Designer or easy access to the JVM. The only ways to test the APIs that I could think of were: Try to import the code using DXL on the server - should work for LotusScript Try server-side XPages compilation, e.g. using Jesse's NSF ODP Tooling Build a jar file locally using V12 Notes.jar and reuse that The last option seemed to be the easiest one and before I had a chance to try it, Ulrich Krause has used that in his test with Java server addin - I wanted to have something more interact