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Domino AppDev Pack meets Kotlin and Spring Boot

Domino AppDev Pack Java API is still quite fresh for me, but I always try to push the limits, so I've decided to add  Kotlin  to the mix. If you've never heard of Kotlin, please go and check it. It's a pretty cool language that can run on JVM and allows you to write more readable code more easily. I'll build a simple CRUD REST API, running on Spring Boot, that works with Domino data. Domino AppDev Pack series: 1.  First Java API 2. Certificates 3. Kotlin REST API (this) My original plan was to just try other APIs directly from Java, but Heiko Voigt has already done that in his presentation at CollabSphere 2020. The presentation is available here . If you want to know more about AppDev Pack, please watch it. You can also find the code in his github repo . I knew that C3UG had prepared a course about AppDev Pack, but I somehow missed their recent videos about Java APIs and 1.0.6  . It would have saved me a lot of time when I started to play with the Java domino-db API. Fe