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Testing your Java code in XPages (part 1)

This topic will lead to a series of articles. It depends how deep I will get, but I will try to stay as much general as possible and avoid solutions that work just in my current case. It's all inspired by nice hack that Maks Zhuk showed in his blogpost . Since I want to automate everything, I'll take it step further with Gradle. XPages run on top of a OSGi runtime and so they use system of features and plugins. This can lead to some dependency troubles when you just want to do plain Java work. Christian Guedemann showed how to make this work nicely with Maven . Sadly Gradle can't read p2 update sites, which can Maven do using Tycho plugin. Even when you try to Mavenize it in some standard way like using eclipse:to-maven, I couldn't use it afterwards since some plugins contain jars as libs in them (pro